Copywriter, creative director

In business, few things offer a higher return on investment than a good story well told. I've been helping business people tell powerful stories for more than 25 years. Typically I work at Chairman, CEO or CMO level. First I ask questions to understand your business, your objectives and your audience. Then I write your story using persuasive words and compelling arguments. I've created stories, slogans, brand names, websites, advertising, and more, for numerous businesses and innovations. Join me on a journey of discovery into branding. Together we'll work to present your offering to appeal as strongly as possible to the people you want to persuade. I also work with a great team of designers, coders, artists and managers. Together we can develop an entire communications campaign for you. When you want the most effective story for your business, I’m here for you.

Transuniversal Ltd Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Copywriter, creative director, branding/marketing specialist
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