Overcoming the Global Epidemic of Dysfunctional Teams

There’s a global epidemic of organizational dysfunctionality. Employee engagement scores in the US are less than 30%, and worldwide they are 15%! Regrettably most organizations are failing for entirely predictable and avoidable reasons. Behaviors that contribute include: — teams with unclear goals, unclear communication, unclear priorities. — managers distracting themselves with busywork instead of focusing on the organization's most important priorities. — employees taking refuge in cynicism to avoid disappointment. — organizations where the org chart has become irrelevant, but their people haven't yet mastered the concepts of influencing stakeholders regardless of position or title. As project leaders we are uniquely positioned to create a new future, a future beyond this culture of disengagement, forging alliances, partnership, and possibilities across borders and boundaries of every kind. Let’s do it!

Kimberly Wiefling United States, Silicon Valley, California
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